08/19 2009

If this video is how you found The Guild, then we have something in common. Welcome.

This a Tumblr blog devoted to the webisode that is The Guild. If you’re just a creepy Felicia Day fan, move along.

Hopefully if enough fan sites for shows using the web as a delivery vehicle pop up around the web, someone that inherits a division of a TV production company (or similar) from an old media dinosaur will realise the potential in it, and we’ll get more awesome web content.

Ultimately, you do need a budget (doesn’t need to be huge) to give shows a professional quality. If you are that guy and just got given control over the finances, FFS call me, I have some killer ideas.

Anyway, submissions are open or you can email me posts. If anyone wants to join the blog properly, just mention it when you submit a post and I’ll add you.